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Campus Ministers

Adam Umbarger, InterVarsity Staff

adam.umbarger "at"


I am a campus minister with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship  and I have been at Lawrence since 2016. I'm available to meet to study the Bible, discuss faith, pray together, or just have a conversation. I was involved with InterVarsity as a student at Michigan Tech ('09) and have lived in Appleton since 2013. I'm excited to be at Lawrence and part of LCF!

You can set up a time to meet with me on Calendly.

Tim Webster, InterVarsity Staff, LU '86

tim.webster "at"

I'm (in general) available to meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (usually in the Warch Campus Center. I'm happy to meet with you for whatever reason. Some people want to talk about growing in Christ, some about how to become a Christian, others about leadership skills or personal issues. Perhaps you want to talk about a vexing passage in the Bible or a Christian worldview issue that came up in class: it's all fair game. Just contact me by email or text. A bit about me. I graduated from LU in '86, was in LCF (so was my wife Hilary), went to seminary and eventually ended up back in Appleton working for InterVarsity (LCF is a member chapter of IV) in '97. 

**If you would like to speak with a local pastor but need a recommendation, please contact Adam or Tim.

Student Leaders

Student Leaders

Chapter Advisors

Anna Beno, LCF Chapter Advisor

Associate Director of Corporate, Foundation and Sponsored Research Support
anna.r.simeth "at"
office: 307 Wilson House

Professor Alan Parks, Chapter Advisor Emeritus

Professor of Mathematics, retired, former LCF Faculty Advisor

alan.e.parks "at"

Professor Ken Bozeman, Chapter Advisor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus of Music, former LCF Faculty Advisor

kenneth.w.bozeman "at"