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LCF Areopagus Project

Areopagus-- What and why?

In ancient Athens, there was a hill where the philosophers and thinkers of the day would come to listen and debate various ideas and Grecian ideologies. This hill was called the Areopagus, or Mars Hill. In the first century AD, the apostle Paul made a trip to the Areopagus to explain and defend Christianity to the Greeks (Acts 17: 16-32).

The purpose of LCF’s Areopagus table is to have an ear on what questions and beliefs the Lawrence Community has about God, Christianity, the Bible, and even LCF itself. We want to know what questions or comments you have, and are interested and excited to use them in our LCF meetings for discussion starters and tools to evaluate how we can be better representatives of our faith on campus.

~Kate Bellile