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Email Forwarding

You have a new LCF-LU email account, but you don't have to constantly check it.  Simply automatically forward email to the inbox you regularly use. 

Setting up email forwarding on gmail is easy, but it does require three steps: Step 1: Specify Address, Step 2: Confirm, Step 3: Enable Forwarding

Step 1: Specify a Forwarding Address

  1. Log in to your LCF-LU account at with your username and password
  2. Go to the mail app (link at upper left)
  3. Navigate to Mail settings (gear icon on upper right)
  4. Navigate to the "Forwarding" tab

  5. Click the button to add a forwarding address, and type in the email address to which mail should go (the address you currently use)
  6. Click "OK" to send a confirmation email

Step 2: Respond to the confirmation email (which was sent to your email inbox in step 1)
  1. Go to your email inbox (if you are using gmail, you may need to log out of LCF-LU first)
  2. You should have a confirmation email.  Click the link provided to confirm that you want email forwarded.

Step 3: Enable Forwarding at LCF-LU
  1. Go back to the forwarding tab in mail settings at your LCF-LU email (see 1-4 in step 1)
  2. The address you entered before should be there.  Click the radio button shown. 
  3. We advise you do not retain copies in your LCF-LU box (it will fill up eventually), see the option below instead: 

  4. Finally, save changes (bottom center of screen)

That's it!  Email sent to your LCF-LU account, as well as any LCF-LU notifications you set up, will now forward to you regular email.