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Spark & Echo Itinerary at Lawrence, April 23-24

posted Apr 12, 2013, 2:14 PM by Timothy Webster   [ updated Apr 23, 2013, 10:58 AM ]
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updated 4/23
Jonathon and Emily’s Itinerary
Spark and Echo on Campus: Lawrence University
April 23-April 25, 2013

Tues., April 23

arrival on campus around 12:30, Allison Shinnick will meet them for lunch, if there is time

12:30 pm    set up in Hurvis (piano and 2 mics from WCC)

1:20 pm     K. Privatt’s Alexander Technique Class -  Hurvis (2nd Floor, Warch Campus Center)

5:45 pm * - 7:00 pm      Dinner and working discussion with students and faculty - Parrish Dining Room (Andrew Commons). ** 

7:30 pm     set up in rm 156

8:00 pm    Musical Mind Forum: Entrepreneurial Pathways in the Arts (Shattuck Hall, Room 156)

Housing: Franklin Street Inn, 318 E. Franklin St.)
* Meet in the Music-Drama lounge outside Harper Hall to walk over to the Warch Center.
** Room opens at 6p.  Please pick up your dinner early so we can start promptly.

Wed., April 24

8:00 am  or TBD   breakfast with LCFers by arrangement, host Christian Stillings 920-428-0785

9:50-11:00 am K. Privatt’s Acting I Class – Music-Drama Room 96.  Open to any who’d like to do an acting workshop.***

11:30-12:30 pm Being a Working Artist lunch discussion with students and faculty (open to all) - Parrish Dining Room (Andrews Commons). ****

6:00-7:00 dinner and discussion: artists and religious faith (with LCF, Joanne Bozeman hosting) - Perille Dining Room (Andrews Commons)

7:30 pm    tech crew set-up
8:15 pm     sound check

9:00-11:00 pm Spark and Echo the Band at the Cafe (WCC)

*** May move into Cloak to use piano if needed
**** Kathy cannot host, but will arrange for a student to swipe them in.  Group may arrive early. 

Thurs., April 25

8:00 am or TBD breakfast with LCFers by arrangement, host Stephanie Sundberg 847-848-5363



Jonathon Roberts,, 718-753-8285
Emily Clare Zempel <>, 718-753-8286

Emily Hoyleman, LCF  leader,, 4143053005
Kate Bellile, LCF leader,, (920) 750-1082
Joanne Bozeman, Voice Faculty,, 920-832-6867
Kathy Privatt, Theater Faculty,
Mike Ruth, LCF leader,, 630-632-1442
Bob Trettin, LCF leader,, 262-501-1753
Tim Webster, IV staff,, 920-931-2751

<- = need a host
Emily has contract ready for Spark & Echo to sign
Emily has made arrangements with Greg Griffin for tech crew
Mike & crew are printing and hanging posters